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Here’s some exciting news about Highlands University professors: Brandon Kempner, English, published the essay “Feathering the Truth” in , which discusses feathered dinosaurs, the nature of reality, and the contradictions of postmodern American culture.

Brooks Maki, Chemistry, presented two posters regarding ongoing research concerned with the discovery and synthesis of new biologically active organic small molecules at the national American Chemical Society meeting in Denver.

There are three distinct layers of sands and soil forming the Walls.

The oldest is the reddish Gol Gol layer, formed between 100,000 and 120,000 years ago.

The lake is the central feature of Mungo National Park, and is one of seventeen lakes in the World Heritage listed Willandra Lakes Region.

Many important archaeological findings have been made at the lake, most significantly the discovery of the remains of Mungo Man, the oldest human remains found in Australia, Mungo Woman, the oldest human remains in the world to be ritually cremated and as the location of the Lake Mungo geomagnetic excursion, the first convincing evidence that Geomagnetic excursions are a geomagnetic phenomenon rather than sedimentological.

Sediments at Lake Mungo have been deposited over more than 120,000 years.

On the eastern side of the Mungo lakebed are the "Walls of China," a series of up to 40m high sand dunes that stretch for more than 33 km.

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It is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 Carolina Bays.The elliptical shape and alignment toward the Great Lakes was not discovered before aerial reconnaissance because the bays are very large and their shape cannot be easily determined from ground level.The Carolina bays are also called Delmarva Bays, Maryland Basins or Nebraska Rainwater basins.Loess grains are angular with little polishing or rounding and composed of crystals of quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. Loess deposits may become very thick; more than a hundred meters in areas of China and tens of meters in parts of the Midwestern United States.It generally occurs as a blanket deposit that covers areas of hundreds of square kilometers and tens of meters thick.The bays in the east coast have a northwest/southeast alignment, whereas those in Nebraska have a northeast/southwest alignment. The main morphologic characteristics of the Carolina Bays were summarized by Eyton (1975): Carolina Bays also occur in the gravels of Midlothian, Virginia at elevations that vary from 91 to 122 meters above sea level (Johnson and Goodwin, 1967).Midlothian is located approximately 27 kilometers west of Richmond.Many of our faculty have been recognized for their research and work by agencies like the National Science Foundation, National Geographic, NASA, and many professional organizations.And, unlike larger research universities, our professors teach at every level from freshmen to graduate courses.In some areas, the bays are so dense that all the ground is completely covered by them.Characteristics of the Carolina Bays The Carolina Bays are elliptical depressions that occur in sandy soil along the Atlantic coast of the United States and in some Midwesterner states like Nebraska.