Dating marketplace

15 Jul

Those looking to buy and sell financial assets once crowded onto the streets of Lower Manhattan or the City of London, all coming to one place to engage in trade.Those are the equivalent of the bars that singles traditionally go to meet other singles. When stock or bond traders are trying to do business in person, it’s hard to be sure that they have canvassed all the potential buyers and sellers to get a good deal—and there might be an even better deal lurking in some other market in another city.“I know someone who ran into a scammer while online dating,” says Marc Riolo, a veteran of online dating who lives in Washington State.

Or he or she cancels a date to finally meet at the last minute for outlandish reasons.

I could also tell you I have a degree in Communications and worked at Vogue magazine, as well as several of Boston’s advertising, marketing, and PR firms.

However, I believe this is the best reason to tune in: each day, I advise several clients to effectively represent themselves in the dating marketplace.

“We had to convince her the situation was suspicious.

She really liked the guy, but she didn’t send the money,” Riolo recalls.