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21 May

The market for online dating is very dynamic as companies with new and innovative business models displace older ones and rapidly acquire new users with strategic marketing tactics.

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Rather than giving up, Mc Aden called De Lasa to "brainstorm" about the industry.It's important to ensure that your online dating business contains features and interesting content to keep people returning.If you want to write a business plan for an online dating website, here are some other things you'll want to consider in your plan: • What will be the requirements for people to join your site?• What will your site include that will set it apart from other online dating sites? • What types of publications can you advertise your website in?• What subscription fees will you charge your users?Finding a partner helps many peoples' lives feel complete.Sometimes finding the perfect date means seeking assistance from an experienced matchmaker or relationship expert.So much so that he quit his ,000-a-year job after a few months to start Group Encounters, a social organization, using the ,000 his father had given him to pay off school loans.While de Lasa went to Barnes and Noble to research how to write a business plan, Graham Mc Aden, 28, a public relations account executive for consumer products such as Burger King, languished at his job and told friends about the "socializing service" he dreamed of opening.Writing an online dating business plan is the first step to take if you want to start an online dating website.With the rise of sites like e-harmony,, and more, online dating has been shown to be a lasting and profitable business model.