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19 Feb

DNA, the Language of Evolution: Francis Crick & James Watson DNA may be the most famous molecule in the world today, but it came to the attention of scientists rather late in the history of biology.

Gregor Mendel found some of the underlying regularities of heredity almost a century before DNA was discovered.

Whereas the fossil record dates the origin of most multicellular animal phyla during the Cambrian explosion less than 540 million years ago (mya), molecular clock calculations usually suggest much older dates.

At the turn of the century scientists discovered similar principles then rediscovered Mendel's work and rapidly realized that life was somehow encoded in genes.

Just what those genes were made of was a mystery, but that did not prevent scientists from starting to work out the dynamics of genes and mutations, and how new forms of life could result from natural selection.

While evolutionary biologists were fashioning the Modern Synthesis, geneticists around the world searched furiously for the molecules that carried genetic information.

They knew that cells contained several different types of molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.