Dating a narcissistic man books

26 Jun

FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE NARCISSIST IN YOUR LIFE by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph D (Tarcher/Penguin) may just be the best investment you will make this year as a guide to recognizing, coping with, and ultimately overcoming the destructive behavior of high-level narcissists, whether they be lovers, co-workers, friends or parents. FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE NARCISSIST IN YOUR LIFEAccording to the psychotherapist author, narcissists are people with extreme senses of superiority who possess no empathy. "A successful narcissist deludes others into believing he is genuinely interested in them."4.

It's one thing to have a healthy self-esteem, but there are folks who we all know as self-absorbed, conceited, or egotistical. Martinez-Lewi believes that high-level narcissists are unlikely to change, so she offers methods for readers to maintain personal boundaraies, remain psychologically secure and live the life they choose. As our culture has emphasized financial success and fame, we have begun rewarding high-level narcissism2. To withstand an eruption of ego from a narcissist, one must be psychologically grounded. "The high-level narcissist marches through his many geographies, conquering new territories, multiplying his limitless control of the outside world and the lives of those who touch his.

Lonely times are better than stress-filled drama for the sole purpose of filling his ego!

Recommended reading but the book, much like relationshit, ended badly with focus on the narcissist, not the victim. Or at least say if you're in a relationship with a narc -RUN!

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While the pain is still there and will take a long time to overcome the damage and trust issues I now face, this book, quite often, was my strength.

Each time I found myself pining for the good times or being so lonely I wanted to crawl back in bed and cry, I would start reading again and see the reality of my horrible partner in writing!!