Dating a kenyan man

10 Feb

The number of women getting married between the ages of 19 and 24 is a steep rise – from 11 to 48 per cent respectively. shud b working no smoker, no drinker n I am Stephen, I love writing both stories and poetry. casual and modern dressing codes, I'm tall black and handsome I want a chic who loves poetry and who is funny from any country or race Am Martha from Kenya, 29 years old with a two year old daughter, am self employed and not a hyper person, am family oriented, looking for a 40 and above non African man. I grew in Rural area and I have travelled to the city.

As we scuttle towards the technological world, some individuals, including notably, the late heretical Professor William Ochieng’, believe that marriage has outlived its usefulness and we may gradually move away from it. i spend my time travelling, reading, sauna and singing. A high school teacher looking for a humble, honest n hardworking man to start a relationship leading to marriage. my height 5'6l'm a humble girl of good maturity, aged 28 yrs from Machakos.” Dorothy Angwenyi, a public relations practitioner in Nairobi, argues that men should smell the coffee and realise we are in the 21st Century.She argues that men are being unreasonable by insisting they want women to do things like their mothers used to back in the day.The 2014 Kenya Demographics & Health Survey indicated that 60 per cent of women (compared to 51 per cent of men) between the ages of 15 and 49 are in some sort of romantic union.The majority of them are married while the rest (5 per cent of women and 2 per cent of men) are in ‘come we stay’ arrangements.Always keen to start what he calls ‘unusual businesses’ (Isherwood has, among other things, sold women’s underwear in the UK and tried his hand at goat rearing and mango farming back home in Kenya) he launched straight into researching the idea and discovered it was worth pursuing.43,000 members shows that online dating is catching on in Kenya, but Isherwood admits that we still have a long way to go. One out of every three new relationships start online,” he says, “but it took them anywhere from 10 to 15 years to catch on – and even now, it is still not a mainstream way of meeting.”Even where there is success – for example couples who have met on the site, dated and gotten married – they are wary of the manner in which they met being exposed.“I hope that in the long-run, our country will adopt as it has done with every other aspect of technology,” he says.He disparaged those who said that the end of marriage will be the end of mankind by reminding them that in the animal kingdom no marriages take place but there are billions of insects (and many other animals) on the planet. Lack of homemaking skills Many young people went to boarding school; hardly the right place to learn any requisite homemaking skills. No woman wants to do household chores such as cleaning, cooking and related stuff that was traditionally meant for women,” Peter Munji, a civil servant argues.More and more, men continue to opt out of the marriage bandwagon. He adds, “The current crop of women even if you marry them, they insist on hiring the services of house girls who end up doing virtually everything in the house. When you can hire yourself a maid to cook, clean and take care of your home!