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12 Feb

Q: Why aren't Advanced Technology lenses covered by my insurance carrier?A: Advanced Technology lenses are considered refractive in nature, much like LASIK, and therefore most insurance companies will not cover the cost for the lens and extra testing.Using three different technologies, they provide focused vision in distance, near and mid-ranges, and are used to correct both cataracts and .They can also correct myopia and hyperopia if your eyes are too dry or your corneas too thin for any type of LASIK surgery, or when the refractive error is too severe.

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If you are active, and don't want the hassle of wearing glasses, then you may want to consider an Advanced Technology Lens that will make you less dependent on wearing glasses for those activities you love doing.Accommodation is done by the lens, with the ciliary muscles on each side of it controlling its curvature.They increase its curvature for light coming from far objects, and flatten it for light coming from nearby objects.A: We believe that finances should never stand in the way of achieving great vision.We do offer financing options that make it easier to have such wonderful technology.For a clean and basic room with the tan bed spread you know so well, stay at the Motel 6 Colorado Springs.Basic rooms are perfect for people who just need to sleep there.Here's a guide to the best and most reliable Colorado Springs hotels so you are sure to have a wonderful visit.Cheapest, Cleanest, Reliable Sometimes you just can’t deny that the Motel 6 is the best deal in town.If you answered yes to either of these questions, accommodating intraocular lens implants (IOLs) may be the solution you’ve been looking for.Accommodating IOLs are used in two procedures: refractive lens exchange (RLE) if you do not have cataracts and refractive cataract surgery if you do.