Chen kun and zhao wei dating Naija flirt chat

11 Mar

During the show, he was staring at her so adoringly and so solicitous that Zhao Wei said that whoever becomes his wife is bound to be so happy.

He brought out a cake for her birthday, and she stood up to give him a hug.

The talk show hasn’t aired yet but the audience who attended the taping have provided the details that I’ve now translated below.

It’s some super heady stuff, so be preparing to alternate between seething jealousy and awe-struck mooning. Zhao Wei was taping a talk show to promote her new movie that she directed.

The Faye Wong and Li Yapeng founded Smile Angel Foundation yesterday held a fund raiser.

They also do not hesitate in sharing the same bottle of water.Recently, there is a huge rumor saying that Chen Kun (Aloys) and Vicki Zhao have ended their relationship already, even though both of them have come out and made it clear, it also cannot stop all these rumors between them.Chen Kun reposted zhao's comment on Sina Weibo on June 8 After the release of the movie which is directed by Vicki Zhao "So Young", almost all classmates in the performance class of 1996 in Beijing Film Academy, who have been credited by Sina Weibo, have all cheered for Zhao for her first movie.while many friends gave her encouragements on Weibo.Chen Kun’s congratulations was noticeably missing, leading to speculations that the two had a fallen out, with Zhou Xun (周迅) being the catalyst.This true story celebrity friendship is just too good not to share.C-actress turned director Zhao Wei (Vicky Zhao) made her directorial debut last week as she celebrated her 37th birthday while making the rounds promoting her new movie (Literal title is To the Youth that is Fading Away) adapted from the popular novel of the same name.Vicki frequently draped her arms over Chen Kun at public events.However, it seems that their friendship suddenly came to an end.When Vicki’s was released, almost every fellow classmate from the 1996 class of the Beijing Film Academy posted words of encouragement on Weibo.And Vicki’s other good friend, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) also went above and beyond when, despite his leg injuries, attended , Chen Kun and Zhou Xun became fast friends.