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09 Jun

Of course, this still didn't stop Sam from busting his chops on a regular basis."It's not my fault, Carls.

Carly remembered the comment although she didn't do anything about it for months. "Hey Carly if you're free-""I'd love to.""Okay, cause I kinda meant it to be like a date." He had to clarify but he didn't necessarily act any less confident or sure of his actions.

"So till next time, eat your peas.""Feed a hobo." Sam jumped in the frame."Do your homework." Gibby reminded, standing beside Carly wiping mustard off his forehead."And kick a clown." Sam shouted."And join us next week for more i Carrrllyyyy! Great show, guys." Freddie said, setting down his camera and going behind his new, much larger production station in the studio."You were great tonight, sweetie." Carly kissed Gibby's cheek and smacked her lips.

"Mmmm, mustard-y." Gibby's part in the show had definitely increased since he and Carly were a couple.

In some ways Freddie and Gibby were poles apart from each other."I know and I meant it that I'd love to."He recovered from his split second of shock quickly.

"Great, I'll pick you up at seven then."It was the most relaxing date that Carly had ever been on – the most pressure-free. She liked how he didn't go through with his joking threat to take his shirt off – especially since he was wearing a suit and that would have both been difficult, weird and completely out of place.