Cacti poller not updating rrd

29 Jul

The poller interval is the actual time that the poller will wait between two polling cycles if it was indeed invoked in time by the cronjob.

The cronjob calls the cacti poller to start performing it's polling cycle.

cacti poller not updating rrd-3cacti poller not updating rrd-60cacti poller not updating rrd-33cacti poller not updating rrd-86

In this tutorial we will see just how easily we can do that.

Cacti is a popular network graphing tool widely used by many service providers.

For those of you who have been using Cacti to visualize the performance of various elements of your network, it is sometimes necessary to migrate Cacti and all its graph datasets from one server to another. The current server may be old, or is running out of space and CPU, or you may simply want to move to new hardware platform.

The template will have associated Data Source(s) which it draws data from.

Each data source is an RRD file and this is where the graphs are generated from.