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25 Jun

Guests can choose from several degustation menus, usually ranging from five to nine courses of traditional Japanese-European dishes made contemporary and served in a romantic ambiance.

Highly recommended are the Chilean Sea Bass and their famous Yamamomo Cheesecake, which is made up of green tea meringue base and topped with a yamamomo and mixed berries compote.

fter few weeks of hiatus, I now continue my search and share with you briefly some new addition of small and local restaurants to our fast-growing Davao city.

Note: These are based on our own honest opinion and personal experiences only. If you want to know more about the restaurants I’ve mentioned, you may search them on Facebook.

It's quite an adrenaline rush getting up close and personal with this rare, huge bird – one that can be found only in the Philippines.

But not just this grand eagle, the center is also home to other predators such as serpent eagles, hawks, sea eagles and other species.

Who would have thought that in one of the secluded areas in the heart of the city lies a culinary haven?

The moment I entered the place, it felt like I was in somebody’s basement with a bar area on the left.

It’s a place where you, as a foreigner, are still a novelty.

It’s a city that turns finding the woman of your dreams from nearly impossible into a goal that you can achieve within 24 hours.

Davao City is not only known for its iconic Philippine monkey-eating eagle, waling-waling orchid, pristine beaches and eco-adventures activities.

In fact, another good thing that Davao City has to offer is its diverse culinary terrain, which includes a variety of gastronomic delights from street food to fine dining.