Avg 8 stopped updating Karnataka aunty

31 Jan

Your Internet connection to AVG update servers can stop working in some cases, although standard Internet browsing works correctly.I have been having the same problem for 2 days now.

avg 8 stopped updating-56avg 8 stopped updating-76

Users are also reporting significant problems with updating. I got into some serious trouble to start with when I thought my PC has been hijacked. I turned off the power in a panic -- losing some very important files.

Note that not all firewalls or content filtering solutions offer this possibility.

You can temporarily disable the program to verify whether it is affecting AVG, or you can add AVG files to its exceptions.

After Researching the Internet, we discovered the problem was with the new program not completely removing the old Program and the two were conflicting during start up. And, with respect; the AVG 8.0 is somehwhat similar to dear Norton in its security package and effects on computers ; you may do better to go for a different more computer-friendly antivirus program such as Avira Avast the choice is ,of course ,yours Thanks Ruby1 We were on version 7 which was working very well until it stopped updating we had used the Norton removal tool which allowed the new norton to work propperly, but it was a pain so we changed to AVG.

We Did run the norton tool again before we changed to AVG.