Asp net requiredfieldvalidator not validating

29 Jan

Q: All the Required Field Validators are working when I make the btn Submit Checkup_Click property empty.But if I put a simple code inside it, the validators are not working anymore and more, it will execute the simple code I placed inside the Click property of the button.They will be informed it is incorrect after clicking the submit button, however they should be informed straight away.A follow-up to my previous answer: Validation occurs in the onchange event, rather than the onblur.Is it possible this behavior is by design to suppress the appearance of validation controls until user input?Generally speaking, Validate() gets called whenever a control is clicked that has Causes Validation set to true, like a submit button.onchange fires when the focus is lost AND the control value has changed.

To do so, enter some text in the textbox, tab away, tab back to it, clear the textbox, then tab away once more.

I have required field validation control for a radiobutton list.

So if no values are selected then it gives me a error which is fine.

Thank you in advance for any additional detail you can provide!

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