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13 Feb

The incident, described in police reports obtained by Yahoo Sports, included Chapman’s girlfriend telling police he "choked" her and pushed her against a wall.Chapman, following the argument, allegedly fired eight gunshots in the garage of his home.And while the players still have to go to class make certain grades, they’re often viewed as rock stars on campus and by the general public, not to mention professional sports teams and recruiters.

There is no video of the incident and conflicting accounts about what happened, sources said.

“I think the reason is that anytime you talk about lesbian issues in sports, it’s been such a silent topic, so if a discussion is not held upfront about the issues, it remains a silent fear and it can be very detrimental to women’s sports," Carroll says.

Regardless of the truth of the allegations, which Chatman’s lawyer, Mary Olive Pierson, dismisses as "hearsay," their very presence in the public sphere has initiated discourse on negative, discriminatory recruiting techniques and homophobia in women’s sports; abuse of power and breaches in coaching ethics; and particular challenges and double standards that female coaches -- particularly lesbian female coaches or others without “heterosexual credentials,” as one expert puts it -- face in finding and keeping their jobs.

Baseball officials will interview Chapman, and his discipline will be based on whatever the facts determine, a source said.

The sport’s domestic-violence policy, adopted last August after collective bargaining with the players union, says, "The Commissioner’s authority to discipline is not dependent on whether the player is convicted or pleads guilty to a crime." The policy also states, "The Commissioner may place a player accused of domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse on paid Administrative Leave for up to seven days while the allegations are investigated before making a disciplinary decision." MLB’s Chief Legal Officer Dan Halem addressed the situation Tuesday afternoon adding that whether an arrest is made or not will not factor into MLB’s own investigation of Chapman’s domestic incident, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today.