Alexa vega and daryl sabara dating

07 Feb

The couple may be from two different worlds (he's from LA, she's from Nantucket), but they met in most traditional way possible: a mutual - albeit famous - friend.

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Sabara and his costar, Alexa Penavega (who played his sister, Carmen) became popular with pre-teen audiences.hit theaters 15 years ago, pretty much every kid thought, “OMG I wish that could be my life!” Because, duh, wouldn’t it be cool to not just have spies as parents, but you know, become a spy yourself?!" she wrote before adding, "Thank you @darylsabara for being so amazing."Their relationship only seemed to be even more obvious when the "NO" singer shared another photo of the two holding hands in an airport."Off to Spain," she wrote, tagging Sabara in the photo. She said she loves to "cuddle [and] make music." However she also noted, "You can make music or not, that's fine, whatever, but also be real cool and make me laugh. That's all you gotta do."Seems like she's finally found the one to do it!Meanwhile, Trainor was previously connected to Nick Jonas' assistant, Cory Andersen, in 2015. stars Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara reunited at the ALMA Awards on Friday night, almost 12 years after co-starring with each other in the successful Robert Rodriguez children's flick!25-year-old Alexa looked faboosh as she walked the red carpet, showing off some cleavage and her brand new engagement ring from fiancé Carlos Pena Jr., while Daryl looked dapper in a handsome tux!of time since we last thought of our young heroes, Carmen and Juni Cortez – played by Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara, respectively.So, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at what our favorite young spies are up to now.Rather, her Rumors began swirling around the pair when Trainor shared another Instagram selfie two weeks ago at the conclusion of her tour.The photo featured Sabara and her, both wearing unicorn onesies. We survived an entire tour without canceling any shows! "Dating might be a strong word to use, but they are definitely seeing each other."Trainor once opened up to us about the qualities she looks for in a partner to make her swoon.