After updating bios no display Freelivexxxnosignupwebcams

09 May

I was wondering how I can update the bios without being able to actually see the screen? My computer wont display anything after I updated bios.

I have a dc7700.....yesterday night i went to hp website and downloaded a bios update....i installed that bios update and all went fine and restarted my pc....recently I did a bios update on my laptop (Lenovo z50-75) and it had to shut down to install so it did and when I went to turn It on it was just a black screen I could hear the fan and everything starting up but no display.Any answers Have you mashed all the keys that might lead you into BIOS as soon as you give it power? It's beginning to sound like a brick but you might strike lucky.Nothing happened until I released the power button.When I released the power button (still holding the Insert/Scroll button depressed), the computer came up and Windows booted.Could not, at that point, get ESC pressed; wouldn't let me into the BIOS.6) Restarted and prayed, came up normally; opened the BIOS by hitting ESC at the proper time, reset to defaults (just to be sure). When I booted my PC, it was stuck at black screen, and I saw only a non-flickering cursor/underscore.If not you might have to flash the BIOS from a USB stick, so long as there's power to the ports before an OS cuts in. Do you have a monitor to connect the laptop to for experimental purposes?You may need to press the Fn Key - one to the left of the spacebar - and probably F6 to switch the display to the external source.Even though there was no display, it appeared that the computer booted up because the hard drive light kept flashing. Also when i clicked my mouse or keyboard, the hard drive light blinked( might be at the welcome screen? When I shut down the computer by holding the power button, the green light on the power button starts flashing after the computer shuts down.