Adaway not updating

12 Apr

The last version in the Google play store was v2.2.

I've compile from source any time there are any significant changes. Any builds will have all commits through that date included with them. (It may be hard to visually notice any difference so if you go to about page I added a "Compiled on Date" so you can verify exactly which build date you have installed.) * if you use Chrome and still see ads on web pages, remember to disable the "data saver" or "reduced data usage" browser option * check your APN settings for any proxy, the proxy itself could be allowing ads. * after you install or make any change to Ad Away, you must reboot for those changes to take effect * If you are still having issues please read and understand all the info in the Ad Away Wiki before asking for help here.

Finally, there were some suggestions of having Busy Box installed, and it does not seem to want to work.

The phone I'm running is on 7.1 beta, encrypted, with stock recovery, and phh's superuser.

It merely provides a mechanism to simplify the tedious process of editing the hosts file manually.

What really matters is which URLs are redirected via that hosts file.

In other words, simply asking here what to do to allow "My Random App" to run can only bring you guesses from others and if they don't work in your case, look at your own DNS log, on your own device, while running your own copy of "My Random App".This hosts source contains redirection rules for Google, Facebook, and other.(You need to enable “Allow redirection rules from Hosts Sources” in preferences) Open the Wiki on Github You can get good question/response support from the Ad Away XDA Thread. Find a root thread that will either use systemless root and flash the systemless script in the Ad Away xda thread or get rw access to your system.On Jun 13, 2016 , "Jsilvermist" [email protected]: After reboot nothing changes, still says read-only file system.The default lists are useful starting points but they may be overly aggressive or let too many ads through.Loading more lists is not necessarily a wise option.Ad Away blocks ads using hosts files from various locations, and combines them automatically.The user is able to whitelist or blacklist additional webservers, or add a new hosts file altogether.If your app is not included fill a bug report and hope for help.Enable the local Webserver in Ad Away’s preferences as a workaround.