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18 Feb

Here I take a look back at how it all started, and attempt to construct a timeline. In this episode, we are introduced to the cast and they talk about the Amish and how they have been given the opportunity to break away and visit New York City.Need to take down the latest lying television network? I didn’t watch the episode when it ran the first time, but I watched it when it came back on at midnight."Because when I was a teenager, I was fighting to survive." She then calls her sister-in-law as a spoiled brat.Cut to creepy footage of Esther on a tire swing, on top of the world.Dealing with the fallout of leaked wedding pictures posted online by a former friend, High told reunion host Michelle Beadle that her 2009 ceremony adhered to Mennonite traditions and did not have dancing or alcohol."I'm not ashamed I was married," High said, confirming that her divorce is still pending but expected to be finalized soon.Arrested in Florida for DUI shortly before beginning production in 2012, the beauty is working her way through alcohol eduction classes and finishing up her probation before focusing full-time on modeling.

PHOTOS: Celeb moms and daughters "That's what upsets me -- like Rebecca said, that's her daughter.If they don't want to believe, they don't have to believe it," she snapped in a tense clip of the reunion, which became TLC's most-watched 2012 show to date, drawing 3.9 million viewers. They're making us out to be somebody I don't even know." PHOTOS: Reality TV bombshells Playing Devil's advocate, costar Sabrina High reasoned that the it was inevitable for rumors to swirl about the couple, who lived and attended church in the same area."God knows, if me and Jeremiah were in the same community, [fans] would be hooking us up, too," High said, referring to pal Jeremiah Raber."I still love [my ex-husband] -- he's a good man and he's honorable.I have nothing but good things to say about him." PHOTOS: Surprising reality TV hookups 2 - Divorced father of three Jeremiah is not a deadbeat dad. Since the internet is filled with sleuths and detectives, they figured out that the participants had actually left the Amish life years ago, choosing to go English. And two of them -- Abe and Rebecca -- likely already had a kid together, thus ruining the "I fell in love with you when I met you back when this show started taping just a few weeks ago" plotline TLC was banking on. The one cast member who seemed kinda-sorta likable back in the days was Rebecca Schmucker (née Byler), the gawky Amish girl who had to have all of her teeth ripped out with pliers, getting by with a pair of dentures. But, truth be told, these hooligans all still seem pretty darn English. Beyond , an odd title given that these TLC celebs were, and are, still living an English lifestyle in New York City. TLC lived up to its old "The Learning Channel" handle that night: the viewing audience definitely learned a lot about Amish dental health when that episode aired. It was a reality show that might feature B-roll of places I passed by on a daily basis! Yet for some reason, the cameras kept filming these jerks -- surprising, since none of them really seemed tabloid-worthy or even mildly interesting. Are there more still-Amish family members taking part in the show? Once a horrific storyline, it became apparent that teeth-pulling was natural for Amish folk.People are talking about [the baby and] people that had nothing to do with the show.Involving family that does not need to be involved -- that are going to have their lives ruined for what we're doing," Abe fumed.