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07 May

And so the original Four Absolutes, the original Twelve Steps, and the original commentary on the Steps — as adapted for all addicts and all addictions — are now called the All Addicts Anonymous Program.

The Four Absolutes (as adapted for all addicts and all addictions) the Four Absolutes are the time-tested moral and ethical code of the All Addicts Anonymous Program.

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The complainant “reported that the suspect, who was in his 20s at the time, would babysit himself and his siblings during a period when he rented a basement apartment in the (complainaint’s) family home in Pickering,” Sgt. “Between 19, the (complainant) alleges inappropriate sexual activity with the suspect at the Pickering address, an address in Uxbridge where the family moved to and at a house in Tiverton, Ont., while on a family visit.” He said Trepanier moved in 1999 to the London area.

“Everyone in our organization is shaken at the moment.” Egan stressed there’s no evidence or suggestion any child in London was in danger while Trepanier coached here.

“This is an allegation only at this point,” he said.

With the coming of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), millions of alcoholics, otherwise hopeless, have found their way back to sanity.

But there is far greater lifesaving power in the principles of AA than has yet been widely recognized, because what is involved is and applicable to all mankind.